Health and well-being

We are fortunate that we are surrounded by a lovely village which provides us with a newly developed park, nature reserve, library and local shops on our door step! We ask families to provide the children with a puddle suit and wellies so that they can get stuck in to our every day adventures.

Exploring our local village enables children to connect with the world and people around them whilst encouraging them to be independent and to tackle the risks that surround them. Our aim is to ensure that children develop a sense of curiosity of the environment around them. 

Children are able to explore freely and use their imagination to  create their own games with sticks, trees and mud! Building houses for fairies out of stones, using the rails as an ice-cream stand and doing roly-poly's down the hills. 

Our children have a sense of ownership when they have the opportunity to choose a book from the library to take home to share with their family or when they take home a flower that they have picked themselves. They get to experience the changes in the seasons first hand by seeing the leaves change colours then fall to the floor. They see flowers blossoming and fruits grow around them. 

Not only is the children's health and well-being promoted with our amazing outside space, we promote the children's health and well-being inside our setting too. The children are provided with a free flow fruit snack and a cooked lunch which can be viewed on our 'joining us' page. We help to explore emotions through co-regulation and explore mindfulness through yoga, relaxation and dance.